The Fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S might look neat and clean from outside,but does it works magic?Well that is probably what you're thinking.And that is exactly why I am here, to clear you're doubts.

Now the absurdly inappropriate question arise,what if the thief cut your finger along with stealing your phone,will they be able to unlock your phone?The simple plain answer is no!No,because the sensor that detects your fingerprint is much more advance than that,it detect the inner lining spacing of your finger and the living cells,so if your finger was to even be cut off,you have no reason to worry about your phone being unlocked!Or should you be worried about your Finger?

Now because of recent event of leakage of information to a government organization,NSA.Since then people have become skeptical about giving their information online!Especially with such a sensitive information like fingerprint,but worry not,Apple has claim that the information will be store in A7 and A7 chip only!

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