It'll be alright...
Yes you've heard me right"Stage Fright",one the most common fear but in its own way deadly.Its a fear that we all must have relatively experienced in our lifetime...But if know the right way to treat it,it could Cure easily! 

"Don't be afraid to step out to the world"

So now let's talk about how we can cure it!Picture yourself standing in front of ten to thousands of people,prepared with your speech,but,at that moment when you look out onto thousands of eyes,you choked and nothing came out as planned!Anxiety just hit!Your heart is beating fast and you're breaking out with sweat and before you know it you've fainted!But does all these needs to happen?Well no,anxiety doesn't always need to be bad,it is actually the Solution!

So Anxiety is the solution huh!But I thought that was the problem.Well yes and no.Anxiety is your worst enemy when your mind set it to be and in the same way it could also be your best friend when you know how to make it...

So now to the Solution

Now,when anxiety hits you,think of it as a preparation,a preparation that your body gives you to fight the world.And keep this thought on the back your head at all time.

After a bit of practice,when you get this its going to dramatically help you out!

And things are going to get a lot better after a while....

So good luck and hope you nail the next talk you come across!


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