This is the last and the final season for How I met your mother!For a fan of this series,it would perhaps be a dreadful thing to see their favorite series coming to an end!Its like last season of Friends all over again!


The crazy ones?Genius?The man who changed the world!The ones who sees things differently!Steve Jobs!Good or bad?I don't know about that,but he's definitely the man who stays deep in mine and many other hearts as our mentor and idol.

Sometimes the man who sees the future could be as damaged as"a house that has been blew down a thousands of times,but it would still be rebuilded if the foundation is strong".In this movie Steve Jobs,portrayed by Ashton Kutcher,displayed the "crazie youthness mistakes"that Jobs had made.How he turned his back to his friend in the time that they needed him the most!Also shown was,his anger,arrogant,and his attitude!Steve was a character that cannot be judge by his actions.Its up to you to decide how you feel about him!Definetly check this movie out and let me know what do you think?I would give this a whopping 9 out of 10.

In life,you only get to do so many cool things,were gonna make this cool again.


Great film by David Altobelli.It shows us how freedom can make a man lost in his endless road."There is nowhere you need to at,so put your head down where the sun's down".The film manifest the obliviousness of the main protagonist.Great use of English language!Judge it for yourself at Vimeo

Great movie,4 out of 5.-Alvin Kanpura