This is the last and the final season for How I met your mother!For a fan of this series,it would perhaps be a dreadful thing to see their favorite series coming to an end!Its like last season of Friends all over again!

In this season,there will be two episode dedicated to the marriage of Robin and Barney's,like that's going to go on like other weddings,of course not!Its Barney Stinson and Robin!Then after waiting for 8 seasons we finally 'met the mother' who is played by Cristin Milioti.Along the way Barney and Robin discovers a little family secret,a damaging secret of his brother James.On the flight back to New York Marshall met a women played by Sherri Shepherd,god knows what could happen...And the controversial of Ted moving to Chicago and Marshall and Lily moving to Italy is still on...


The Locket:23 September 2013


In this episode we are expectating a full episode that relates to the wedding!At the end of season 8 Ted,who had just found the locket,is heading toward the wedding with Lily.What will happen when Ted gives Robin her "something old"...To be continue in season 9!


What really happen

It was a great premier episode for the finale season!It all started with the three journey to the same destination!Its the first time that were being introduced to the "mother". Along the way,there are a lot of rough hurdle,that has been skipped over by all others except Marshall and Marvin,see the full episode to know what happened!

Score 8/10


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