Our CPU,our life,our everything!The brain is a sensitive tissue that is a home to,creativity,productivity and others...But do you really know whats going on in your head while your reading this post?

Well I would guess that if you have read this far you would want to know more!So let's begin with a simple question that might seem obvious,what is it that our brain can do for us?

  1. It helps in balancing our body eg-Walking,Running etc.
  2. Helps in Thinking and Learning eg-knowledge,creativity and do basic daily routine.
  3. Involuntary works,like everyday without fail we walk or talk as such the Brain too does involuntary work.Eg-Heart beating,kidney functioning,processing food in the stomach.

Now that we've cleared the easy question out,lets tackle the slightly complex question.So how is it that the Brain sends signal throughout the body?

Let me break it down for you,so first there is this enthusiastic neuron who runs around carry information,but sadly this little guy cannot transfer messages,therefore comes in two new character Dendrite and Axon.Dendrite takes the information and give it to the organ or tissue that the brain wants the information to go to,then axon takes the response back to the neuron,then back to the Brain,as simple as that!And one more point to note down,this happens using electrical signal.

Division of Lobes

Arguably the hardest topic in Brain System,but don't worry I will put this in the simplest way possible.

Lets start with

  • Frontal Lobe-It's the social personality of us.Basically responsible for interaction at event,conversation skill,motivation,rewards and attention.
  • Parietal Lobe-Do play Basketball?When your eye measures distance,force and speed does it amaze you?Well the eye act as an input device to which the information is processed in the parietal lobe.It gives you the exact cordinate to move to or run to,even though these things might just comes naturally to us it takes alot of work from the parietal lobe part!
  • Temporal Lobe-This is basically the "Brain of the Brain".What I meant was,most of the things the brain is known for are here!Its responsible for keeping our visual memory,understanding new languages,emotions and it process all the information given by the sensory organ(ears,eyes,nose,mouth).
  • Cerebellum-The way we move from place to place is almost entirely it's Job!It process the sensory input and comes up with a solution!It basically balance the movement in our body!And it is also partly known for producing fear,anger,attention so on and so forth.
  • Cerebrum-One of the most important part!It control all the movement in our body!
  • Occupational Lobe-It's main task is to focus on your posture and visual processing.It maps out your step for you,because the brain's neuron send information so quickly that movements just comes out naturally!
  • Brain Stem-Basically a portal!All the information from sensory organs passes through it and it connects the spinal cord with the brain!

Does your mindset matters?

Do you think that your not as smart as your friend?Why?Does that person have a better brain than you?No,everybody is born with a similar brain but the only differences would have to be the mindset!

When you think that you can't do something,the brain doesn't take it as a joke but instead It forms a neuron structure that tells the body that this task cannot be accomplished!So really,the only thing stopping you from succeeding is yourself,so from now on let's start thinking positive and you'll see the massive change that comes along with it!


09/18/2013 7:23am

Wow!! What an amazing explanation ... Thanks a lot

Alvin Kanpura
09/18/2013 8:12am

Thanks alot!

10/21/2013 7:07am

Good job bro! Well explained!

Alvin Kanpura
10/21/2013 8:22am

Thank you very much!Glad that it was of use to you!


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