Earlier today a Mass shooting has been reported at Washington D.C. Navy Yard by few gunmans.

Around 10:20am this morning,one shooter has been contained but the others are still at large.

Four were killed among 10 shot!The numbers are still being reported in at the moment,due to the continuation of the event!

The following six schools are put to lockdown considering the safety of the children's:

  • Amidon-Bowen Elementary School
  • Brent Elementary School
  • Eastern High School
  • Eliot-Hine Middle School
  • Jefferson Academy
  • Tyler Elementary School
  • Van Ness Administrative Building

And the whole of 11th Street Bridge and roads in the area are closed


Apparently 13 were killed and 12 were injured.One of the suspect has been identified,Aaron Alexis,a 34 years old military contract in Texas.He along with few people came in as a IT Contractor.We are still finding out the motives so to suspect that this might've been a terrorism act is too soon.At the moment one of the suspect is still at large.A black male between the age of 40 to 50 years,with a military style uniform.President Obama said this afternoon,"that this was a coward act" and claimed that "They(soliders)know the danger abroad,but today we've faced an unimaginable violence that we couldn't have expected here,at home" said Barrack Obama.The State is on lockdown until further news on the suspect.

Gun Law in United State

In the State carrying weapon is a personal right as mentioned in the 2nd Amendment,but the gun law and the gun control in the US are taken very lightly therefore massive shooting and kiosk occurs!

In Washington

  • People over the age of 18 are allowed to carry rifle's without license obligation
  • Lending,selling,and buying guns are available effortlessly.

And if these policy aren't changing,these act of terrorism will continue to rise...


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