Without Social media life as we know it would be boring.I think to a certain level thats true,but does our ordinary social sites offer us every tool possible?Maybe,maybe not,but one thing we can definitely be certain of,is that it sure doesn't optimize it to its full benefit.And that is probably why there are so many social networking site that are specialized in on way or another.And that too goes for http://poutsch.com.

Poutsch, a service that allows you to unleash the power of social media to get the opinions of many different people all over the world.-Etye Sarner

So what is Poutsch?

It's a social networking site that allow opinion of a common man to be heard!

How does that works?

Well it's not too complicated of a task to do so.You just gotta ask a question and millions of people around the world will answer them!

App Review

Well it's good overall but I guess there are few upsetting bugs in its iOS app.One of major disappointment is that the user interface,other than that I think it's great!

Which platform does it supports?

  • Online Site
  • iOS Platform
  • Android OS

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