The Nobel Prize 2013 for Physic is awarded to Peter Higgs for discovering the mechanism that helps us understand the origin of subatomic particle,the experiment was recently confirmed by Atlas and CMS experiment.

Peter W Higgs, UK citizen. Born 1929 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. PhD 1954 from King’s College, University of London, UK. Professor emeritus at University of Edinburgh, UK.

This is the recognition of a triumph for fundamental physics that will stay in the history books for millenia to come. I am thrilled about the prize, and Englert and Higgs both deserve it well. I cannot over stress the importance of the discovery. The mass mechanism that the higgs boson is a signal for has had a huge impact on particle physics over the last fifty years. I think many of us felt that it had to be correct, although we were willing to let data dissuade us.
Congratulations to Christophe and to Peter!


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