Remember the time when TV used to be the only source for home entertainment.Everything has changed so quick since that time...Now we're at the brink of the complete technology takeover.So it wouldn't be so crazy to fantasies about how would our lifestyle be in the future!

The House

The dream house!The house main system probably will be controlled by a single device.Eg-Lights,Security,Temperature and others.So it wouldn't be so crazy if the bed would have its own sleep/wake option that acts like an alarm!

Their probably will be a robot butler for every household.To make daily task a lot simpler!

The Car

I would actually hope that by then there will be a flying car!A car made us the theory that "two magnet forces repel".And hopefully use an environmental friendly combustion system like emitting out water vapor inside of CO2 gas.

Creativity has no limit

If so is true,then why are we using cubicle in offices?I dream of a future where each workers have their own creativity rights!So office will have to be more human friendly environment with a great technology implementation!An office with 4D, modeling tabletop,projectors,computers...

The future is going to be great!Personally I can't wait for it.I just hope that with all these cool gadgets coming in,they won't be misuse in the wrong way to harm us!So after all these,what do you think our will be like,let me know in the comments or on our socials,Facebook and Twitter.


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