Wrong!Very wrong,Sleep is one of the most important things that goes on internally and externally.While Sleeping your body does a lot of things,that might not be understood by either you nor me until now!

Why do we need Sleep?

Sleep is need for body to regenerate cell,make new cells and tissue,and most importantly for the body to restore and conserve energy!

What is Sleep deprived?

When you don't get enough sleep this problem seems to surface!The longest that a man has went without sleep is 11 days,and he didn't seem to show any long term effect.But that doesn't apply to all,because after all were all different!Sleep deprivation can cause stress,bad habits of intake of alcohol,drugs and cigarette...

But there are also few short term advantages

Let's just say you went on for a day without sleeping,your brain will force itself to wake in the morning because your biological clock is saying so,which may increase creativity in short terms,but may cause lack of attention and focus span in the long terms!

How to sleep?

It seems like a fairly easy answer,but don't just take a glimpse at the topic,take a actual look and see if it has any connection with you too!Do you have a problem going to bed and couldn't sleep at night?If no,good and well,but if yes,stick around for some more helpful tips.

  • First,Before going to bed,avoid any intimate contact with lights.
  • Make sure the room is dark enough
  • Get rid of all the electronic device half and hour prior to your sleep.
  • Don't take caffein later than midday.
  • Exercise more.

Hopefully these tips help you out,if it does leave a comment to let me know.Thank you for sticking till the end!l


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