The latest Operating System for the iOS device iOS 7,which has been introduced during WWDC 2013.But this year at the "iPhone's event"apple didn't stress a whole lot about iOS 7 so just a recap for you guys before it actually comes out to the public at 12am est 18 September 2013.

User Interface

With all new design Apple claims that the new iOS will be,feel and look alot cleaner,simpler and easier to use!Multitasking,Notification Center,App Icons have all change to accomplish this vision that Apple has always dreamt of;Simplicity.

Photo library

With the collection format you could navigate to a load of photos in seconds by the categorized date,month,year and the location that the photo was taken.

AirDrop to the iOS

For me,the most interesting update would have to be the AirDrop,with its ridiculously easy way to share stuff between iOS device in the same wifi range.In my opinion I think that this should've been added to iOS 6 last year but,it's never too late to do something right!

And the last recap of the day,The iCloud Keychain.

With the latest fingerprint scan in the iPhone 5S,Apple has raised the bar in terms of security measurements taken and this Definetly contributes to the fact!With iCloud Keychain passwords will no longer be the major problem!Because all your password will be stored in the Cloud and pushed over to all your iOS devices!


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