The Apple Keynote which was held on September 10 2013 has passed on successfully.And these are the main highlights of the event!

First,let start off with the iOS 7,which will be coming out to the public by the 18th of September.On of the most unexpected turns of event was that Apple decide to make its current iWork application, Free for iOS users!

iPhone 5C

Then,probably one of the most anticipated product out of all,the iPhone 5C.With its 4 inch retina display,A6 chip processor which could take up to 32 bits of processing speed and with 5 new different colours added,it is priced at $99 for 16gb and $199 for 32gb with contract!Pre-Order starts at 13th of September and will be out on sale on the 20th of September.

iPhone 5S

Well if you're not satisfied with the 5C and want to see more features,the iPhone 5S really delivers!Lets begin with the new colors that were added.The Champangne Gold and Silver light!Love it or hate it,it's happening!Then let's get in depth shall we?For the iPhone 5S,Apple has added the A7 chip(64bit)and the new M7 coprocessor to bring the speed up to 40x faster and 56x better graphic than the iPhone 5! With the new M7 coprocessor,fitness and motion related app could be further optimized."They say that the photograher cannot take a good picture without proper sets of tools".Well,Apple has showed us otherwised. The new camera on iPhone 5S has a larger image sensor,aperture,and a 33% increase in light sensitivity!With dual flash low light images will be further enhanced.And apple has also decide to give their customer a Slow Mo option while still recording in HD!With the busy lifestyle of ours,apple has decided that the needs for password is no longer there,by adding a fingerprint sensor on the home button the security measurement taken on iPhone 5S has been adept! To round up,Apple will be making this available for sale on the 20th of September hold the same price as the previous generation.$199 is the starting price for 16gb with contract.


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