Our CPU,our life,our everything!The brain is a sensitive tissue that is a home to,creativity,productivity and others...But do you really know whats going on in your head while your reading this post?


This is the last and the final season for How I met your mother!For a fan of this series,it would perhaps be a dreadful thing to see their favorite series coming to an end!Its like last season of Friends all over again!


The Nobel Prize 2013 for Physic is awarded to Peter Higgs for discovering the mechanism that helps us understand the origin of subatomic particle,the experiment was recently confirmed by Atlas and CMS experiment.

Peter W Higgs, UK citizen. Born 1929 in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. PhD 1954 from King’s College, University of London, UK. Professor emeritus at University of Edinburgh, UK.

This is the recognition of a triumph for fundamental physics that will stay in the history books for millenia to come. I am thrilled about the prize, and Englert and Higgs both deserve it well. I cannot over stress the importance of the discovery. The mass mechanism that the higgs boson is a signal for has had a huge impact on particle physics over the last fifty years. I think many of us felt that it had to be correct, although we were willing to let data dissuade us.
Congratulations to Christophe and to Peter!


Siri your personal assistant has never reviel herself.And if you thought that she was just an automated voice,well that's not the case!It seems that the Siri we all know and love is Susan Benette.A voice actress from Atlanta.Who has previously worked with CNN on few of their projectsBut her voice is only the voice you hear in English(US).


Justin Bieber,seen going up the Great Wall of China on his bodyguards!Is this because he doesn't want to get his feet dirty!Or because he's too tired to walk!That,you decide,but if he's not tired after his show,then he's really being a giant abnosheas jerk!

If you want to really test a man,give him power. -Abraham Lincoln