So we all have heard and know of the iPhone 5S champagne gold but have you heard of the iPhone Real Gold!Yes,you've heard me right,a real Golden iPhone by Gold & Co for $5000 dollar.But is it worth?In my opinion probably not,why?Because the all new iPhone 5 and 5S are known for its sleakness and light weight,but with a real gold coat on it,the weight would increase dramatically.But if you have a fair amount of spare money left and you want an elegance looking iPhone,definitely check Gold & Co out...


Wrong!Very wrong,Sleep is one of the most important things that goes on internally and externally.While Sleeping your body does a lot of things,that might not be understood by either you nor me until now!

Why do we need Sleep?

Sleep is need for body to regenerate cell,make new cells and tissue,and most importantly for the body to restore and conserve energy!

What is Sleep deprived?

When you don't get enough sleep this problem seems to surface!The longest that a man has went without sleep is 11 days,and he didn't seem to show any long term effect.But that doesn't apply to all,because after all were all different!Sleep deprivation can cause stress,bad habits of intake of alcohol,drugs and cigarette...

But there are also few short term advantages

Let's just say you went on for a day without sleeping,your brain will force itself to wake in the morning because your biological clock is saying so,which may increase creativity in short terms,but may cause lack of attention and focus span in the long terms!

How to sleep?

It seems like a fairly easy answer,but don't just take a glimpse at the topic,take a actual look and see if it has any connection with you too!Do you have a problem going to bed and couldn't sleep at night?If no,good and well,but if yes,stick around for some more helpful tips.

  • First,Before going to bed,avoid any intimate contact with lights.
  • Make sure the room is dark enough
  • Get rid of all the electronic device half and hour prior to your sleep.
  • Don't take caffein later than midday.
  • Exercise more.

Hopefully these tips help you out,if it does leave a comment to let me know.Thank you for sticking till the end!l


Eventhough for most people this might come out as obvious but for some new users this could be really helpful!

So start up you're greeted with a "Warm Hello" in different

Then for Apple to identify your location for Map and 3rd parties apps,you can choose either to give or not give your location up.

Then lastly,it's to enter or create a new Apple ID for iCloud to sync and Apple store to register the account and update your updates!


With the iOS 7 out to the public,wallpaper means a lot more then "just that background picture".It reflects the way your iPhone looks and feel.So with this Cool Wallpaper right here,I hope that it changes your iPhone for the better!

The Simple things sometimes matters a lot more then the complex ones...


The latest Operating System for the iOS device iOS 7,which has been introduced during WWDC 2013.But this year at the "iPhone's event"apple didn't stress a whole lot about iOS 7 so just a recap for you guys before it actually comes out to the public at 12am est 18 September 2013.

User Interface

With all new design Apple claims that the new iOS will be,feel and look alot cleaner,simpler and easier to use!Multitasking,Notification Center,App Icons have all change to accomplish this vision that Apple has always dreamt of;Simplicity.

Photo library

With the collection format you could navigate to a load of photos in seconds by the categorized date,month,year and the location that the photo was taken.

AirDrop to the iOS

For me,the most interesting update would have to be the AirDrop,with its ridiculously easy way to share stuff between iOS device in the same wifi range.In my opinion I think that this should've been added to iOS 6 last year but,it's never too late to do something right!

And the last recap of the day,The iCloud Keychain.

With the latest fingerprint scan in the iPhone 5S,Apple has raised the bar in terms of security measurements taken and this Definetly contributes to the fact!With iCloud Keychain passwords will no longer be the major problem!Because all your password will be stored in the Cloud and pushed over to all your iOS devices!


Earlier today a Mass shooting has been reported at Washington D.C. Navy Yard by few gunmans.

Around 10:20am this morning,one shooter has been contained but the others are still at large.

Four were killed among 10 shot!The numbers are still being reported in at the moment,due to the continuation of the event!

The following six schools are put to lockdown considering the safety of the children's:

  • Amidon-Bowen Elementary School
  • Brent Elementary School
  • Eastern High School
  • Eliot-Hine Middle School
  • Jefferson Academy
  • Tyler Elementary School
  • Van Ness Administrative Building

And the whole of 11th Street Bridge and roads in the area are closed


Apparently 13 were killed and 12 were injured.One of the suspect has been identified,Aaron Alexis,a 34 years old military contract in Texas.He along with few people came in as a IT Contractor.We are still finding out the motives so to suspect that this might've been a terrorism act is too soon.At the moment one of the suspect is still at large.A black male between the age of 40 to 50 years,with a military style uniform.President Obama said this afternoon,"that this was a coward act" and claimed that "They(soliders)know the danger abroad,but today we've faced an unimaginable violence that we couldn't have expected here,at home" said Barrack Obama.The State is on lockdown until further news on the suspect.

Gun Law in United State

In the State carrying weapon is a personal right as mentioned in the 2nd Amendment,but the gun law and the gun control in the US are taken very lightly therefore massive shooting and kiosk occurs!

In Washington

  • People over the age of 18 are allowed to carry rifle's without license obligation
  • Lending,selling,and buying guns are available effortlessly.

And if these policy aren't changing,these act of terrorism will continue to rise...


Remember the time when TV used to be the only source for home entertainment.Everything has changed so quick since that time...Now we're at the brink of the complete technology takeover.So it wouldn't be so crazy to fantasies about how would our lifestyle be in the future!

The House

The dream house!The house main system probably will be controlled by a single device.Eg-Lights,Security,Temperature and others.So it wouldn't be so crazy if the bed would have its own sleep/wake option that acts like an alarm!

Their probably will be a robot butler for every household.To make daily task a lot simpler!

The Car

I would actually hope that by then there will be a flying car!A car made us the theory that "two magnet forces repel".And hopefully use an environmental friendly combustion system like emitting out water vapor inside of CO2 gas.

Creativity has no limit

If so is true,then why are we using cubicle in offices?I dream of a future where each workers have their own creativity rights!So office will have to be more human friendly environment with a great technology implementation!An office with 4D, modeling tabletop,projectors,computers...

The future is going to be great!Personally I can't wait for it.I just hope that with all these cool gadgets coming in,they won't be misuse in the wrong way to harm us!So after all these,what do you think our will be like,let me know in the comments or on our socials,Facebook and Twitter.


Everybody thinks that they are born talented singer!Why?Because the voice inside our head that we hear is so good!But as soon as we record it,everything changes!

The voice that we hear inside our heads,the voice that is profoundly magical! It's Fake!The humming sound inside your head is just not real!Why?The reason that the hums(or the inner vibration)sounds so good is because the bass of the sound fluctuate to give you the perfect sound that is a little lowered pitched.But when you sing it the Pitch increases which makes you think that your sounds is different on recordings!


EA's next generation game release date has been confirmed by their chief operation Peter Moore.The three new,next generation games(Fifa 14,Batterfield 4 Madden NFL 25)are coming out on 19 November for Xbox One,November 12 for PS4.But now the controversy lies on the fact that these games are release prior to the next-gen console.The Playstation 4 is comfirmed to be released on the 15th of November and the Xbox on 22nd.So the question arise(why are they doing this?).Well there are two reasons for this,one is that these games will also be compatible with the older consoles.And also for the hardcore fans to get their hands on these games before hand!And then if they actually decides to buy a new console they can pay additional $10 fees for the transfer!


How to be known at social events?How to get a conversation started?Well to be honest,these are the questions that I wondered myself!So I went to the one place I know to find help,Google!And with that I came to a knowledge of a person that helped me not only to get better at social skill,but to dominate it!

Ramit Sethi,Internet marketing genius,social skill advisor and one of our the main economist in our country(America)!There are only so many things I can say about him,but the real judge is you,so check his YouTube channel and Blog,and let me know what you think of it?